Monday, August 27, 2007

Day Trip.....

Sandy and I took off early this morning for the first of many "Day trips" we will be taking this Fall! We drove S.W. of St. Louis on Highway 40.........first stop was this wonderful salvage yard/antique barn:D What a wonderful place to spend a couple of hours sifting through piles and piles of salvaged junk!!!! It has been years since I was there and I swear some of the items are sitting the same spot I last saw them in.....only this time they were crowded by the addition of more of the same!
The owner is older and more hard of hearing, but the dance is the same. You have to pull out the stuff you are interested in and lug it to where he is sitting......then you start asking him how each item is! If he acts like he doesn't hear you..... he is probably calculating how much you might pay for said item (checking out your clothes, car and jewelry you were foolish enough to be wearing....ha...ha! He doesn't believe in bartering.......he gives you a price and that is it:D
Once we loaded our goodies in the car.....we were off to Defiance, Mo. Much to our dismay, Mondays are the antique dealers Sundays......everyone was closed with few exceptions.
On to Augusta, Mo. where we found more of the same ..."CLOSED". We did find two little places open and enjoyed their wares. We had lunch at a sweet little restaurant in town.....then it was on the road again:D Next stop.....Washington, Mo. (pop. 17,000) located right on the Missouri River. Lovely little town (home of my darling daughter-in-law, Sheila) with many interesting shops.......NONE OF WHICH WERE OPEN:(
We had such a pleasant day just pittering around, taking pictures and viewing the beautifiul country in our gorgeous state!!!!!


Donna O'Brien said...

I love the story of the old gentleman sitting and making you come to him! Too funny!!

Linda said...

Our favorite restaurant in Augusta is Cafe Bella. Is that where you went? Across the street is a wonderful gift shop called Purely Provence. A couple of blocks away is where I purchased a wonderful birthday present for my husband when we first married--a frame Thomas Kincaid print--at Augusta Woods. It is owned by the most charming couple. I'm so glad you went there. But isn't the highway between there and Washington closed for repairs at the moment???

PAT said...

Hi Linda, when the photos first started showing, I thought you might have gone south on 55. That's a trip, I want to take this fall. Kimmswick is on my list.

I know Wagon Master..haven't been there in years! Nice to know it hasn't changed.;-)

Sounds like you had a great day trip, even if the shops were closed.

Do you know if the restaurant, in Washington, that had the mile high meringue pies, is still open? The name started with a C, I believe. Was it Cowan's?


lindaharre said...

Yes linda.....It was Cafe Bella where we ate! Darling little place and we did spend some time in Purely Provence plus a Clothing shop in the same building! The road is open going to Washington....with a new stretch and a new little bridge:D Beautiful country!!!!!

cd&m said...

What a marvellous trip.