Saturday, August 04, 2007

August Resolution!

Well, I just got home from a sweltering morning at my sister's having our garage sale one more day before heading to Goodwill with all the leftovers:D was 97 and felt like 117! The air was heavy from the rain last night and as the sun made it's way overhead it started to sizzle:D In the last few years the heat takes everything out of me and since head gets drenched with sweat making my hair stick to my head.....Not a pretty sight! We had quite a bit left last Saturday and so we left it all set up and just waited to have it one more morning. We did very well....I might add!
During the morning I said to my sis that I was going to stop buying on impulse:D I was going to buy only that which I really needed....excluding fabric and art supplies...tee...hee! Well, she grabbed a pen and paper and wrote out my pledge....which I wondered what she was doing.....then, she handed it to me to sign! I laughed and then gladly signed it as did she:) I hope I can stick to my guns because the amount of stuff we dropped off at Goodwill was sinful. I can excuse the clothing because I have put on weight and there is nothing good about clothes that are tight and uncomfortable:( But.....the rest was really sad....stuff I have purchased and never used. Serving dishes, dinnerware, vases, lamps, towels, jewelry, (omg the jewelry) and much much more. I am hoping that next May (notice the change of venue?) I will have a very small contribution to the annual affair:D That would make me very that is my resolution....we shall see how successful I can be now:D Here is a pic of my sis and I.....not today, but at a shower I had for my nephew and is wife!


Jill said...

OMG! I need one of those pledges! Sooo much stuff in this house!!! I don't have the energy or organizational skills to have a garage sale... but have thought about it numerous times...but...I don't seem to get it to Goodwill either, so here I sit, among my piles of lovely things that I never ever use. Ughhh!!!
What a cute picture of you and your sister.

Tricia Scott said...

Linda, I am also trying to limit the amount of stuff coming into our home. In my car are three trashbags of items headed to our local rescue mission. I think I have an addiction of some sort! lol. but I did read once that when we shed unwanted things from our home we open the door to shedding weight from our bodies which I need to do!
something to think about anyway. :)
have a wonderful sunday!

Roxy with the Moxy said...

I love you, girl....
We don't need to buy stuff to make us happy,now, DO WE !?!?!
We can still change stuff by painting old furniture, sewing stuff, moving stuff around (to make everything look different) trading stuff with each other- Hey, it'll be FUN, you know how we love a CHALLENGE !!
Then we can SAVE that money, and go ON A TRIP !!! tee hee
luv you, sissy