Sunday, July 22, 2007

Spagetti Factory

We went to dinner to celebrate Josie's 5th Birthday!!!! YEA! Laura and Mike (My step-daughter and son-in-law) chose this place because they are kid friendly:D We had a great dinner, some present opening and delicious dessert in honor of the Birthday Girl! Gabby is Josie's little sister and they will both be staying with us next month while daddy and mommy get a little break! Can't wait.....we don't get them very often, so this will be fun! We are having a large BIRTHDAY PARTY for all the kids in the family that celebrate summer birthdays. That won't be until am in the process of making two more twirley skirts just like Margo's for each of the 5 yr. old girls celebrating......that would be Josie and Sophie! I told you we had alot of grandkids:D


Sue said...

And all of the Grandchildren are cute as can be! I am happy you are having such a wonderful time in retirement!!!! I remember swirling around and around in a simular skirt as a young girl........... I would probably do it now if I thought I could do it with out being seen. I just might do it anyway............Though my skirt is no where near as beautiful as your latest creation.

PAT said...

Great photos! Happy birthday to Josie!!


Stephanie said...

Sweet, sweet kids!