Monday, June 11, 2007

SOFT on LILLIES....................

As you can see,
I have a passion for LILLIES!

Although I am not the best gardener
can't grow a rose if my life depends on it.......
I have quite a few beautifully gorgeous lillies.
Over the past 9 years I have added and added to my beds.
June is my favorite month for flowers
because they make such a show for me:)
I went out this morning in my jammies and had to take a few pics....tee...hee!
If you click on the pic to enlarge you can even see the rain still on the petals.
Kinda like Carola in Germany.....
not exactly:)
Anyway, I took 65 pics
won't bore you with all of them.....right now that is.....but isn't nature spectacular? Even in this clay pit we call a yard they bloom and grow for me!
I am sooooooo lucky:D



vicci said...

What BEAUTIFUL lilies! Mine are about ready to bloom (I planted them late).....I can't wait to start snapping photos! :-)

stephanie said...

These are so BEAUTIFUL! I took a walk through your lilies before I go off to bed...thank you!

Carol said...

Oh yes I can see the raindrops! They are really gorgeous Linda! So many pretty colors! And thanks for the mention lol Carol xox