Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ready for Sale!................on ETSY

after a day or two of cutting, bagging, labeling and photographing......
the packets are ready for sale!
I am offering 20 packets of 1940's vintage wallpaper.
The sizes of the pieces vary
due to cutting around the hole in the book and the torn spots.
All papers will fit into a 11X14" cello bag.
The patterns vary in each packet as well.
All packets are made up of 18 pieces of mostly pastel wallpaper.
There will also be 3 pieces of border in each packet.
All packets will ship Priority so there will be a $4.05 shipping charge.
Although the packets will all look alike in my Etsy shop,
each is different.....
no two are alike!
I promise that they are all beautiful
each one holds treasures for your collage and assemblage work.
Each packet will be $20.00+ $4.05 shipping
Total of 24.05
I really like Paypal....if you have an account!
check out my Etsy shop for more info!


Linda said...

Wow, I finally found your blog and is it FUN!!! Can't wait to dig deeper, and also to explore all the website links of other artists! I was so excited to meet you, Linda, at my garage sale yesterday. AND to show you around my own little studio. Today I visited the shop you told me about, and it is definitely my new favorite hangout--awesome stuff in there, including yours. I will have to purchase some of your wallpapers, etc. I'm hoping to hear back from you soon regarding other topics we discovered--and to see the drapes you are making from my antique monogrammed sheets! Linda in The Legends.

Jamie said...

Look how busy you have been! The papers are lovely. What a lovely find on EBAY. I love EBAY way too much! LOL!!! I am getting some ledger paper packs ready:) It's time to let go:) Love,Jamie

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Ready set go you will be swamped fortunately I have a stash or I'd be first in line....Blessings my glad I stopped it all looks so grand...Jennifer

Babsarella said...

YEAH!!!! I've already popped over to Etsy and snagged a package. Can't wait to start working with it!!

Jane said...

These packs are divine! I have one on my way to me and I am so excited!!! WOO HOO!

Elizabeth said...

hi - Linda - trouble with paypal password - my e-mail has changed since I last used it - so I THINK I snagged a package - but haven't been able to pay for it yet - I'll check my e-mail again for password reset instructions

xox - eb.

Lori said...

these are lovely!!

allison strine said...

Oh what a fun blog this is! You're going to make me want to be a wallpaper hound....lovely lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh they are just beautiful! What you could make with those! :)

One Crabapple said...

Wow Lin ! this is a really great deal ! VERY GENEROUS !!! And already more than half sold out!!!
The packets look beautiful !

But of course ! you have such good taste !

Love, S