Friday, June 22, 2007

From the Old School:)

Yes, I was raised with the ethic, "Waste Not....Want Not"!
My father was conservative in his spending......
and life style!
He taught my sister and I to enjoy the simply things in life....
like a good conversation,
time together,
fresh cut grass,
and even the event of washing the car together!
He would make a game of mowing the grass!
He would mow a ring around the perimeter of the yard....
then it was my turn:)
I would do the next row....then back to him again.
He had such fun in the little things that my sister and I followed in his footsteps.
My dad would wake me after Mom was sound asleep (on a school night:)
to go play a game or two of ping pong with him.
He loved walloping the sock off me.....
but it wasn' long before he had met his match:)
He would call Sandy and I to go sit on the lawn at night
and look at the stars and listen to the sprinkler!
My Dad died when I was only 25
I still get weepy when I talk about him..........
Anyway........I have strayed!!!!!! Imagine that!!!!
Once I had cut up the papers for the vintage wallpaper packets I made two weeks ago,
I had all these scraps left.
I couldn't bare to throw them away and decided to trim EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM
put them in mini packets!
Here are the scraps so that you can see what I am talking about.
I plan to put 50 or so in a cello bag with a little vintage seam tape
and sell these Mini Packets for 5.00 on my Etsy!
Stay tuned....................I need to get everything else mailed off first:)
Maybe I will list them tonight or tomorrow....


Lori said...

looking forward to my goodie bag... i use creative paperclay and there is a lot of brushing with water involved to keep it smooth and creamy...

Elizabeth said...

so nice catching up on your posts - I'm sorry I missed out on the wallpaper but I haven't figured out why paypal didn't follow through with a new password and I got frustrated -

very best wishes

xox - eb.

Michel Murphy said...

Thanks for sharing the memories of your dad. It's so nice to hear of people who enjoyed life so much. The memories you spoke of are the kinds of things we all cherish in our family and friends.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

wonderful reading about your Dad. It is amazing the effect a good Father has on the rest of our lives! Sounds like your Dad taught you many wonderful things - and I bet he smiles down on the fantastic daughter he has!