Sunday, June 17, 2007


I know, I isn't even officially summer yet,
but there is nothing like the creative urge to get you going on a project......
even when the debut is months off:D

I have been writing Nelda,
you all remember the blogger with the gorgeous vintage ornament wreath.....
she has been a big help in putting this entire thing together!
Although I am not COMPLETELY FINISHED.....
I just had to show you how it is coming along.
I spent two hours in the hot sun yesterday (in my jammies, I might add)
frantically working on this wreath.
As I was working
I thought it a good idea to take a few pics that might come in handy
here they are:D

After gathering my supplies
( would never have done it this way
if it hadn't been for the help from Nelda)
.....E6000 glue, foam wreath and ornaments...
I got started.
Since I didn't think I had enough silver ornaments
I tried a little experiment........
Starting with Windex, I sprayed some ornaments that were different colors....
sure enough, the color wiped off leaving the wonderful silver ornament underneath.....all the vintage still in place:D
(on the lighter colored ornaments you can put them under the water
at the sink
and the color
will come off with just the water!
The darker colors evidently have more spray on them
and the windex works better!

If I were doing it again I would have two tubes of glue instead of one
ready for action.
I was really working to get the last little bit out as the project rolled to a close!

I should have found my vintage beaded garland before starting,
but I couldn't wait.....
so now I must find the garland and start the gluing process again:D

That glue is WONDERFUL.......
I had not used it before.....
you say what???
That's right, never before! Old dog, new tricks know?

I am going to keep my eye out for a few more tiny vintage ornaments
to fill in some of the gaps.
Nelda had said to wrap the wreath in silver tinsel garland first,
but there is NONE out yet....
although I looked everywhere!
I would also take that advice on the next one
the little holes between ornaments wouldn't show if there were tinsel in there:)


Becky said...

this looks goood Linda--- with that E6000, you could always glue the garland thingies over or around....i bet you'll find some---nice to talk to you last night- i apologize for screaming into the phone- this is something i continually have to work on since i spend a large part of my day talking to folks who don't hear well...i have to have someone remind me that i can talk at a regular level, for the most part. :D
glad you like the tote- it does look good... ;D

Carol said...

Your wreath came out gorgeous Linda and I can imagine it will look even better when the little wholes are filled up as well! I'll have to find out if I can get hold of this E 6000 glue anywhere over here too. Carol xox