Saturday, May 26, 2007 came today in the mail:D

As I told you awhile back,
Somerset Memories
was doing two stories on my grandson's baby books.
The first one was Hunter and he had the cover
plus a great spread in the April/May edition.
Well, today........
in my mailbox.....
was the June/July edition and there was my other baby!
Chase's book was featured in an 8 page spread!!!!
WOW, I had no idea:)
With Hunter's book they never photographed the cover of his book,
they put in the cover to Chase's book which really pleased me:)
Thank you so much to Jana and Somerset Memories
for such a wonderful presentation!
Always the best photography and quality presentation!!!!!


Nicole said...

I hope you don't mind me tagging you for a fun TAG of showing your "to do" list!! Please visit my blog to see mine..and Missy's (who tagged me)

karin (creativechaos) said...

Linda, as usual I am in awe of your talent. Beautiful!!! I can't wait to get the magazine to see it in person.....Karin

Judy said...

Linda, how special to have your awesome books in consecutive publications. As you know I am in such awe of your books and i can't wait to get my SMemories. Congratulations.

Lori said...

congratulations!!! this is so wonderful...your grandchildren are so very lucky that you are making these wonderful books in their honor!! they are just lovely works of art!!

MarilynH said...

I love that book so much!! congrats!

Jamie said...

I was JUST coming on here to say I got this today at Barnes and Noble and I LOVE Chase's book. The whole article is beautiful. They did such a nice job with the presentation. What lucky boys! Congratulations sweetie! Love, Jamie

Nancy Maxwell James said...

wooooooo hoooooo! I can't wait to get my issue! I know your work will be spectacular as always!

nelda said...

Congratulations, Linda! Your book is just outstanding.

Cindy said...

Picked this up just the other day and had to let you know that it was amazing and I loved it.
The article was beautifully done.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to read the article and enjoy more of your fantastic artwork. What a loving tribute!

Joan said...

Linda, my copy finally hit my mailbox yesterday! The boys' books are spectacular and I thought the articles were terrific! You are one special grandmother!