Monday, May 14, 2007

She has lost her head!!!!

I found these doll heads
at the local Antique Mall
not to long ago!
One is now adorning the top of this little box.
I really like the I just need to finish the journal for inside.

One of the problems I ran into
was the weight of the doll head
making the box turn over when I opened the top.
I solved this by decorating the bottom inside of the box
beautiful river rock.
It not only looks good,
but gives the box the weight it needs to be functional.

The next problem was the tall hat.
When you opened the box
it would smash against the table top.
To solve this problem
I put a ribbon inside
that only allows the lid to open far enough
to keep the hat from touching the table top!
Oh, I love problem solving..............really!
It always makes me feel so powerful....
or something like that:)
I get a great sense of satisfaction
when I solve a problem
that has stopped my creativity:)


Mica said...

I love this box. That is definetly me!!! Heehee. I still love the painting with the G, just short on cash right now...... Mica

natalie said...

Lovely our style!!!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I always love seeing the wonderful creations you come up with! this is so fun!