Monday, March 12, 2007

Waiting for the next chapter.......

As I am cleaning out my classroom I feel a little uncomfortable knowing someone else will be using all my supplies. It is a funny feeling knowing that someone else will sit at my desk and computer....someone else will use my chalkboard and bulletin boards. Someone else will set up their own routine in my space. Don't get me wrong......I am exciting about retirement!!!!! But, along with that excitement there is a twinge of melancholy! This has been my home for 14 years and I have enjoyed almost every minute of it:) This is where I get my email in the morning, have my second cup of tea, chit chat with friends, mail my letters, eat my lunch and teach my students about the wonders of creativity! I will miss the kids and their funny ways. I will miss their creative moments when they realize they have done something worthwhile:) I will miss their wonderful ARTWORK!!! I know that I will be creating like mad when I am finally free of the restraints of a 8 to 3 job:) I am really looking forward to that.....developing my style and having time to experiment. I have waited a lifetime to just do my art.....and now that it is almost here I am a little scared! Will I be deciplined enough to use my time wisely? Will I be easily distracted and lonely without the day to day routine? Will I become a hermit....shut away in my studio? Without my tight schedule will I be able to get as much done? I guess I won't know the answers to these questions until the time comes, but I work well under pressure and that will be a thing of the past:) I can't wait to try and to see what happens.......Freedom to do as I please!!!! WOW, just writing it down gives me butterflies in my tummy!


Becky said...

lucky you!
art city

Artist in Progress said...

I understand your feelings. I left a job after 29 years and thought oh my what will they without me? What will I do with myself? Once I walked out of the door with my box of stuff I never looked back. The next morning I awoke relieved and refreshed and ready to be ME. Enjoy! Carol M.