Friday, March 16, 2007

More White Pottery......

Another piece of my collection! This piece I purchased recently at the antique mall. I had been looking at it for months and the price was a little high for me......but finally I gave in (even though it has a little chip on the base:) I really love the grace of it and the wonderful finish!


Beth said...

Dear Ms. Harre,

It is the bamboo leaves that grab my attention. I didn't notice the swan's head handles until the third look.

My fourth post ever, I guess your shaming me worked. Is posting comments habit forming? As long as there isn't going to be grading on grammar and spelling I might just continue.


lindaharre said...

Beth.......So glad to hear from you and glad to hear that you enjoy blogging! You need to start a blog so we can write you back. Yes, it is habit forming and addicting all at the same time.....but....I love you!

Amy said...

oh I love it! What a perfect vase :-)

vintage flair said...

I have never sceen that one before. I love it. I will post more this week as well. Please keep up pottery of the week. I am enjoying it.
Thanks, Lori