Monday, February 19, 2007

WHOLE new direction.........for me!

I have been collecting for many years.

Sometimes I purchase things for NO APPARENT REASON!

This seems to happen a lot..........and the pile is growing:)

I love things that have unusual shapes and textures....probably no different than the rest of you! BUT.......


So you can imagine my surprise
when I started on a large sculptural self-portrait this morning. oh my....what was going on! I like to work small, contained, manageable and relatively inexpensive. Well, I just let it happen and I must say....much to my amazement....I didn't shelve it in the first hour. It seemed to grow on me.....and the more I did....the more I liked her! You see, she has taken on an identity:) I am not finished yet, but I thought I would post a peek since this is so out of the ordinary for me:) Will post more when she is through.......have an exciting journey today:)


Mary Timme said...

I'm not seeing much yet! Am I missing the whole point? I hate when I do that!

angelica said...

Linda, you go girl! You are the most creative person I know and I know quite a bit of creative individuals.........

You amaze me......

Love, angelica

One Crabapple said...

Gosh how interesting this whole SCULPTURING thing is since you DOn't DO SCULPTURE ??

Well ! you are B L O O M I N G even more I see !

Love, S