Sunday, February 04, 2007

Party Central this week-end!!!!

Well the busy week-end is upon us and we are ready.......

Last night we had Rog's annual
"Texas Hold-em"
We had about 16 men here until
the wee hours

I hadn't see the boys in two weeks and couldn't go another day..
so........knowing I had much to do for the parties on Sunday I asked to have my babies.
Although Arica played poker for awhile, she helped me with the boys as well!
I finished the decor and the favors for the shower-ette tomorrow and the cooking.
if you had read past know that we are having our annual SUPERBOWL PARTY and a SHOWER-ETTE for my nephew and is wife.
This was an awful lot to take on for one week-end when you work full time......but what fun!
Here you see the favors and the table for shower.....awaiting the sheet cake!
Didn't the little bears turn out cute!!!!
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One Crabapple said...

You fixed The Chili !!! ahhaaa. Good ! Hope it was a success ( oh I know it was ! it is soo good!)

The house looks great.

The Bears are so perfect in thier little book page hats and pink pom poms ! How adorable and what fun to have the game, the shower, your Grandma visiting and ! a TEXAS HOLD EM game ! sounds like a long and fun fun day !!! wow.

LOVE all that PINK !

You know...I marvel ---SIMPLY MARVEL--- at what your energy level must be Linda to pull all of these things off ANd do great art besides !!!