Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Blogger Sucks..................

This is ridiculous....I have typed in my name and email address 8 times to get this posted! They insist on you changing over to the beta version (which I didn't want to do anyway) and then they make it harder and ever to get your things posted! I used to go right to Picasa and fix my pic and hit blog this and off I went.......but OH......that would be too easy! I would love to change to typepad, but that is not easy when you have any kind of a following.......@$#^%%* That is how I feel right now......TOTALLY FRUSTRATED!



Cathy said...

Beta is better. Just be sure that you back up your template before switching over. You will lose some things, but with a saved template, they'll be very easy copy/paste fixes.

Also, if you do decide to switch to typepad... add a comment here that your new home is at its location. I'm certain that we'll all update our bookmarks and links. ;)

Becky said...

hey- so join the club-i say we start a typepad revolution- i got email saying that my switch was successful but everytime i went to the dashboard there was nothing there- i can't tellyou how many hours i spent looking for an answer, someone to email for help etc. so i finally fired up a new one- then i started thinking- do i really want to do this anyway? it's like being the new girl in town all over again-

Susan Tuttle said...

These banners are gorgeous Linda!! So good that you will be making one for yourself to enjoy!!

I hear you on the new signing in thing with Blogger--it is mighty frustrating. I think they will work out those kinks eventually though. I still like that it is free! Plus, I like that I can manipulate the html on the templates to achieve something a little more unique.

Happy banner making!! Can't wait to see what you create next!


One Crabapple said...

P U on New Bloggger for me too !

And did they practically black mail you / Corner you into signing on ? I couldn't even sign on to my blog anymore....and now....problems problems. People telling me they cannot leave comments and one person said something funny ? That they got a message that I had a limit as to the number of comments I would be able to take ?Really ?

Anywya, Love the SPRING banner and sorry you are having New Blogger Blues too. Hope they work some of it out. AND SOON !

I think tho if you leave a msg here that your new blog is on typepad and leave a link people will of course find you and start going there. I have seen people do that.

But...I do hate typepad as it takes SO LONG to download...but you know ! you gotta do what cha gotta DO !

I will follow you anywhere !