Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fun Finds..............

I just love

tiny pearl buttons

and was lucky to have found these.

I bought all that she had
......the colors on the papers were so wonderful.....teal and pink!

was done with such detail
years ago.

Each card of beads has a foil piece put under the buttons to enhance them. It looks like the buttons were all sewn on the card by hand:) So sweet!
Also, some lovely Easter postcards with great images and last but not least......some tiny greeting cards
used for shower gifts. So delicate and gotta love it!
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Joan said...

I wish we could find such wonderful things in California without having to pay an arm and a leg for them! (I do have some cards that were sent with baby gifts to me when I was born stashed away somewhere--I'll have to go find them!)

Denise said...

Linda I see we treasure some of the same items. I have several old cards of buttons, alot of vintage postcards, and love any kind of handwritten cards and letters.