Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Eve like no other.......

This was a New Years Eve filled with new little personalities. We had Carrie and Michael and the girls for the night along with the twins. I now realize why babies are given to the youth of this world:) If one cried, another piped up! If two were crying, Margo ran around holding her ears:) Sometimes three or even all 4 were squealing at the same time....these old ears had a hard time keeping them all straight! Actually, they were all good.....other than Margo having a couple melt downs and having to spend a little time in "time out" we all got along splendidly (sp?) Our lobster and steak dinner was delicious and we watched the countdown in New York! About 12:30 the house was quiet and everyone was tucked in and sound asleep....including the adults:) All tuckered out!!!!! Posted by Picasa


Mary Timme said...

Wow! What a houseful and what fun! The babies of the world are given to youth because...well, that would be a fun one to fill out! Happy New Year!

JUST ME said...

What fun!!!!!!! Look at all these cutie pies.... I am happy that you are happy and that you get to enjoy these little people...

love, angelica

Becky said...

isn't it so cool that you can enjoy them, spoil them and then hand 'em back over?! i love that. looks like you had a ball...
love, becky

One Crabapple said...

Well I KNEW you had your work cut out for you.

I was discussing you with my partner this weekend and he said:

"Whaaaat ?

how old are they ?

how many ?

That Poor Woman!"

But I know too that there will be laughs to come from this event ! oh the memories....and I bet you will hardly want to do that again any time SOON.

You must still be recovering.

They really are adorable and I do envy you !
Love, S.