Tuesday, January 09, 2007

16 years...........

Sunday, January 7, we had been married 16 wonderful years. I am married to a man that is good to the core. A man that is loyal, true to his word, spiritual, soft hearted, loving, affectionate, hard worker, supportive and my very best friend. A man that has taken my three children and their children to his heart as his own and provides the support of a father and grandfather to all 6 of our children and 10 grandchildren. This message is going somewhere I promise: ) I couldn't ask for any more!!!!!
Now, back to Sunday.........I wake up late and stumble into the kitchen to find a huge gorgeous bouquet sitting on the island with a handwritten note telling me how wonderful I am.....uhum.....along side this is a darling Spring outfit for me (white eyelet blouse with a navy and white stripped skirt). I am thinking to myself as I make a cup of tea........HOW SWEET!!!! The note gave me no clue as to my forgetfulness:( So, with tea in hand I go downstairs to find my cutie and thank him for his thoughtfulness..............
He looks at me and say, "You forgot didn't you?" and I am thinking....forgot what????? All of a sudden it dawns on me......OMG it is our Anniversary! Oh no, how could I have forgotten???? What is wrong with me that I can't remember things???? Dates have never been my strong suit!!!! How will I ever make this up to him????? Wow, if I could have found a hole I would have crawled into it:0 I felt so bad that I could hardly say,"I am sorry". It sounded so lame.....it sounded so inappropriate at that moment. Well, with a hug and a kiss I was forgiven.....how sweet is that! I did make up for it later........with a gift and a couple rounds of golf (that doesn't really make up for my forgetting though...I will be working on that for a long time:)
Have you ever done anything like that..........I sort of hope the answer is NO....for your sake:) Posted by Picasa


Becky said...

Linda- One year I forgot my daughter Kelly's birthday! Actually, we had taken her and 3 friends to a concert at Misssissippi Nights- that was her present- so in my feeble mind, the party was sort of over- so on the day of, we went to West County Mall where one of my friends is a concierge and she says to Kelly, Happy Birthday!!! OMG! I felt like the worst mother in the world! So Genie, my friend, starts whipping out all this West county Mall themed crapola to give her as "gifts." Umbrella, kleenex, wet wipes- whatever a mall shopper would need in a pinch- Kelly actually thought it was humorous, I think and the two of them talk about it still- how Genie had to regale her with all this junk because I forgot...So, not to worry- you are the member of an esteemed group of individuals- anyone else out there willing to fessup?

One Crabapple said...

Well he had me at New Years Eve babysitting all those grandchildren. I knew he was a Saint or a Fool.


What a Handsome WONDERFUL Man.
A Real Man at that!
and I am so glad you have such a loving friend and partner in your life.

As for forgetting Anniversaries...I am so ashamed to admit I forget mine often too. But I have an Angel myself that never cares a wit and only gives me love in return for being a Cotton Head.

Not that you shouldn't feel bad....you're a dog ! but just so you know you are not alone !

Love, S.

ps Can't wait to see you in that cute little Spring Suit. Isn't He The BEST !

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie. May the two of you celebrate many, many more!
Also, I wouldn't forget IF the dates on my calendar weren't as close as they appear, LOL! and I could simply remember what day it is now!!!