Monday, December 04, 2006


I have had fun with my little village on the mantle. I added some details and lights. I bought some of those little flicker lights that are battery operated to put inside the houses, but I have to cover the rest of the windows with tissue. If you have seen Pam Garrison's blog you will know of her swag she was selling. I think she used the project for a class she recently taught. Anyway, I made a simular swag to go over the top of the mirror that sits behind my village. I will post a pic when it is all finished. The pics in the middle are just me playing with saturation:) Posted by Picasa


Beth said...

Absolutely Stunning !!!!

One Crabapple said...

oh I love the village.

I just saw a woman taht makes little tiny houses and ornaments on a craft show this morning.

Between the two of you I sure am itching to try it !

This little village is beautiful.

Wouldn't ZUZU's little fairies have a good story to play out here ???
MErry Christmas Linda !
Love, S.

Carol said...

Ohhhh it looks G R E A T!