Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I want to thank all the people that have been so generous with their comments concerning my recent cover story in Legacy Magazine! You overwhelm me and I am so appreciative! Normally I would write back to each and every one of you, but my computer is out in my room at school (ever since the big storm last Thursday) and I haven't had much time at home. I also had my sis and her husband here the last two nights because they had no electricity and before that I had Margo for 4 days because Milly was in the hospital and Carrie and Michael stayed with her there! All is well now with fact......I just got home late again tonight because I went to the day care where my twins are during the day and played with them for an hour or so! Life is grand and especially when you have family close. It is so nice to be needed and to be there when you are needed! For that reason, I am retiring this school year!!!!!!!!!! YEA...YEA! I can hardly stand it! My sister is retiring also..........which means we will have lots of quality ART TIME together:) I Can't WAit!
Sheila and Chris sent me some pics of the boys they were taking for their Christmas Cards and I must share a few. They are so precious and have such cute and different personalities.


One Crabapple said...

The boys look so CUTE !

Again I say , you are sooo lucky.

How great for you and your sis.

I did visit her blog. Will get by again soon too.

oh I have to poke fun at YOU !

YOu said something about being messy too over on Michael de Meng's blog...ha !! Your little studio is like a story book cottage studio! something Mary Englebreit might have ! so when I read that you related to his EXTREME mess ( I should TALK)I did , I laughed right out loud.

Talk soon - Love, S.

Joan said...

Linda, I just got my copy of "your" Legacy issue last night--had to order it from Somerset because our brand new Barnes & Noble doesn't carry it. (Grrrr...) Anyway, I sat down with it last night and soaked it in. Great work--I am so happy for you! Happy Holidays to you and yours from Southern California...

Carol said...

Oh just look at them, they are so very cute and funny, lovely pictures! :D

whoiam said...

Those are great pictures of your boys.The middle one would have been my brother and I.