Friday, December 01, 2006


Another religious assemblage. This one started with a small statue of Mary purchased at an estate sale. I seem to go back to the same color scheme over and over again.....but I still like it! Something about that grayed teal that gets me every time....especially when coupled with cream and a red/orange. Not much red in this one! I may need to go back and add a little:) Watch for this one in my Etsy shop soon.......
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One Crabapple said...

Wow wow wow !

There is Something About Mary here !

(sorry I couldn't resist !)

I enlarged it and just looked and looked at all of the things you used.

It was so interesting.

Rather like a treasure hunt as you go thru all of the hidden artifacts here.

LOVE it !

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Oh! I love religious stuff. Very very nice and beutiful.

Laura said...

Simply amazing! Beautiful. Reverent. I am awe-struck.