Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pam...this one's for you!

Pam Garrison is one of my favorite artists and her blog is always so inspiring. I love her work and love traveling with her through her posts! Pam, you asked about tree skirts.....well, I didn't make this one, but it is handmade by someone that was a wonderful quilter! I purchased it several years ago at a craft sale and still love it......It is around the tree that sits in our foyer right near the front door. During the season and when it is warm enough.....we leave the front door open with just the storm door closed. This way you can see the tree from the sidewalk and street. Always so welcoming to see inside! Also Pam, I think you mentioned Target for their Christmas collection. That may have been Posy.....but I did go right over and purchase their wonderful Christmas festive line of wrappings. Love the addition of teal and pink to the traditional red and green. Now................that "BEAR".......well, if you haven't seen it and you have small children to buy must go and find him. He is made by Playschool and he is a storyteller. With the help of 4 batteries he comes to life. His eyes, ears, arms, head and mouth all move. He tells the story with gestures and all! What a wonderful toy. There are many cassetts you can purchase for him to tell other stories. He also sings and does some Q and A time for kids:) It is amazing to me that they can make this type of thing and make it strong enough for children.......go figure!!!!!!!! Anyway, he is a Must See........I found him at Walmart but I imagine you could find him at Toys R Us or anyother toy store. Posted by Picasa


One Crabapple said...

Gotta see The Bear !
Sounds very cute.

I bet they are all gone by now !

Carol said...

Oh I have to watch out for nice tree skirts seeing I'm very bad at sewing. Yep I agree with you Linda, Pam is one of my fave artists as well! She's very inspiring!

jassman said...

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