Thursday, November 16, 2006

Home sick today......

Not sure what is going on, but whatever this is it seems to jump around your body:) First the ears and throat. Swollen glands big time and sinuses giving face pain. Next was chest pain.....and back pain....that lasted just long enough to get the stomach really upset. Then, non-stop to the throne....not that I felt like a Queen or anything. Now it's aches in the joints and occasional stomach pain! FOR GOODNESS SAKES.....WHY doesn't it make up it's mind? Hopefully it will move on by the week-end! Sitting here much of the day I was able to get somethings up on Etsy! That's another entire entry......won't go there right now:)


One Crabapple said...

ohhhho ho my dear dear girl ! this sounds awful indeed...!

I am so sorry to hear this
Your Royal Highness !

Seriously tho, it has no business coming round the likes of you ! I do hope it goes soon ! you will certainly be wiped out for the next few days. Whew. Hope you took off work ?

Going to check out that ETSY shop...oh that sounds like it was not so easy to set up ??

I will be interested to hear that story. I have wondered about that ETSY biz, definitely User Friendly on the Buying End...but wondered about Seller and Fee side.

Well , love you Dear Linda ! Get BETTER SOON.

xo- S.

One Crabapple said...

I went to the shop - and it looks great !

Good Luck on all of your items.

I revisited the tin KOOL!

Love, S.

Wendy said...

Oh Linda I do hope you feel better soon, it sounds like you have had a rough time.

angelica torrez said...

Linda, take care of yourself. I was down for three days with what I got a week ago.

You need some homemade soup and some hot tea....

Take care,

Love, Angelica

Sara said...

Hi Linda
WE miss you at school. I hope that you are starting to feel better, so your weekend isn't ruined too! The show went great on Thursday, I will tell you about it next week.

Carol said...

Hope you're feeling better by now Linda! I'm sending some positive energie your way! xox