Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hard Day for Mom.........

It was a hard day for Carrie. Emotions all over the place following the hormone trail. It seems funny to me that the hospitals have gotten so lax on their rules for new moms. It is a circus with people coming and going at all hours. No limits on how many are in the room.....children as well as adults. It is hard for a mom to say she is tired when all these people have spent the afternoon coming to see the new baby. Poor Carrie. She came out of the operating room (C-section) and into her room filled with family and friends. What happened to the days of recovery rooms and a little time to collect your senses! My oh my the parade kept coming. Of course without visiting hours the people were still coming at 9:00 at night. Carrie had a melt down in the afternoon and was really having a difficult time. All she wanted was her husband and baby.................... Do any of you younger women feel that it is intrusive! What happened to the rules of days gone by. It is like a party where the mom is the hostess and the baby is the attraction. Unfortunately the hostess has just been through a life altering event and needs to rest. With all the new rules in life to protect our RIGHTS.....what happened to the rights of the new mommy? Let me know what you think. I would really be interested! Posted by Picasa


Heather said...

Linda, I have to admit that I felt this wa after my C section too. The day of and the next day were so filled with visits and I was relieved when it got quiet just to have someone else show up. The last day and a half I too had a C section) I was essentially alone and that is when I wanted the company because I was feeling better but bored. I think it is really important for patients (mommies) to have an advocate that isn't afraid to thank people for coming but turn them away until Mommy is feeling better.

Congrats on the new arrival and I hope Carrie gets some much needed quiet and rest.

Melissa said...

my sister in law had a C section last spring, and while I don't think she had quite as many visitors as (your daughter?) I did feel it was odd that there were way less restrictions than 15 and 20 years ago when I had my girls. It's a difficult stressful time, and should be a private time, but yeah, these days it sometimes seems like a party!

I saw a thing on TV where a woman actually invited I think 20 friends and family to WATCH the birth! Then regretted it.. They made eeryone leave and frankly I think a lot of the guests were relieved to not be in there!

Carol said...

Such gorgeous family photos!

One Crabapple said...

So this was interesting to hear !

Boy I would have no trouble telling people I was tired and to go away ! laughing. I can't imagine being the hostess at a time like that ! AND after a C-section ! Good Grief.

No in my day (ahem) YOu definitely did go to the hospital - drop off flowers and see the baby thru the window of the nursery. If you saw your was for a few minutes tops. But really it was just about paying respects and making sure they knew you cared and were excited about the new baby.

No parties ! no hanging out !!! NO MEN except the Daddy , that is for sure.

But I have to say , Carried looks so pretty and sweet for just having a baby. I imagine I would be a wreck and look so scarey no one would WANT to stay and try to visit. One withering look after my harrowing experience would be enough to clam them up and send them packing without a doubt !

And Linda, your haircut is SO CUTE !

Love, S.

ps. Anyway, in any future baby arrivals , I will certainly keep this story you have given us in mind.