Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday in the City........

Today, with kids in from K.C., we had a fun family day. First off to McGurks for lunch in Soulard. One of the owners sisters takes care of the flowers throughout and what a job she does. Between the fountains and the flowers the stage was set for a pleasant lunch. Gorgeous day for being outside. Then it was off to the balloon races at Forest Park. Since we couldn't even get into the park because of the crowd, we opted to sit in Turtle Park across the highway from Forest Park. Carrie and Margo joined us and we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and early evening watching the balloons taking off. Last but not least was a sundae at Ted Drew's with pizza in hand the boys just put in a movie......hope your day was filled with fun!  Posted by Picasa


Denise S. said...

Itlooks like you all had such a good time together,nice to see this in our crazy,hurry-up world.

You have a beautiful family.

JUST ME said...

What fun you are all having... There is nothing better then time well spent with family and food.

My kind of weekend.



Linda the atc you asked about is made with all paper, an image and a rub on.

pam said...

I hope I am such a great grandma...what a special special gift this book is, thanks for sharing the progress!