Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Almost finished!

I have been working on a banner for my (almost) new grand baby, Milly. Milly will be entering this world as we know it on Oct. 27th and she is coming to open arms. This little banner will hang over her bed. Can't wait for my daughter to see it! Hope she likes it.......
It still needs the top scallop sewn on and a pole with finials added. Think I will hang some ribbons from the edges of the rod.
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carole m. said...

I adore this ! Do you take custom orders? If yes, what do you charge? this is such a treasure :)

lindaharre said...

Yes, Carol, I do make custom orders. Send me your email and I will send you some sizes and pricing.

Laura said...

Wow!!!! This is so amazing! So sweet! So perfect! and I love the name Milly...that is darling!! I am sending a link of this to my friends so they can see it. Linda, your art just makes me so happy!!!!

love, laura

One Crabapple said...

Catching up on all here

Can it really be that long since I was here last ???


All the beautiful things!

This banner is so cute. I love it. And It makes me want to do a banner starting rightnow, this minute, tonight !

Loved seeing your students artwork. My gosh they are so talented - and so lucky to have you as at teacher with such wonderful projects to do. I really did love that part.

But especially, your photos of the family are so wonderful. You are one lucky lady Miss Linda.
such a beautiful family !

Oh and I did also really like the new scrapbook pages you did of Hunter. Your scrapbook pages have always delighted and awed me.

My goodness you have quite a few grandbabies !
BUSY !!!

Well , I won't be away so long this next time I hope.
Always a super visit to come here.

Ulla said...

Linda this is so sweet, you are such a loving grandmother!!!

jen b said...

The banner you made is precious. You are such an awesome grandma.