Monday, August 21, 2006

Last Day of Freedom for 9 months!

I am acting like a caged animal.....running in all different directions.....What could make a grown adult act in such a way, you ask? Tomorrow is the first day of meetings for the 2006/2007 school year.....and.....I am a teacher! Every year about the first of Aug. I am starting to long for the kids and the routine of classes! For some reason things are very different this year. I am holding on to every minute like it is a precious jewel or a piece of Godiva Chocolate! I have worked all summer on ART and it has been WONDERFUL!

I am not willing to give up staying in my "jammies" until 2:00 p.m.
Not willing to give up sleeping until I get my sleep out!
Not willing to give up the lack of demands being made on my free time!
Not willing to deal with little "rug rats" that resent authority!
Not willing to deal when I don't feel good!
Not willing to plan workshops, attend meetings, deal with power hungry leaders!

With all this being said......I am going back, dragging my bag of wishes behind me. Written on the bag are the words....."Don't open until Christmas". I am hoping to retire after this school year and will probably have to announce that at the first of the year. Now, don't feel sorry for my students, because I would never let my little guys down! We will be doing wonderful projects with enthusiasm and excitement. But, being the last day of freedom I felt the need to VENT! Once I get there tomorrow.....My love of teaching will kick in and all will be least for another 9 months!

(above is a pic of an apron I made this morning.....I have been longing to make one, but had other things to get done first. I like the ruffle and the pocket! )
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JUST ME said...

You are an inspiration... GOOD LUCK to you..... You will get into the groove of things again in no time...... And those 9 months will fly by.....



teresa said...

I love your apron!!! TOOO cute and fun! I am like is my last day of freedom. Tomorrow I put an official sign on my SUV that reads MOM'S TAXI SERVICE. Ugh.

Melissa said...

very sweet apron. I can understand how it's hard to give up summer for school. My kids don't want to go back either!

Wendy said...

Oh that is such a lovely apron and if you decide to retire enjoy every day of your last school year(I'm sure you will anyway)

Ulla said...

I am sure you are a wonderful teacher, I know the feeling well... Love the apron, best of luck as the bells ring again!

Becky said...

i think angelica is right-i bet the months will fly...i was wondering what would happen when you had to go back. you had such a productive summer.

Robin said...

I have the greatest respect for teachers and the amount of energy it takes every single day, especially when they have your attitude about not letting the kids down. And I respect your honesty in naming your "demons" for this year. Putting them in a bag marked "Do not open until Christmas" is a healthy spin on the start of the school year. Blessings!