Thursday, August 03, 2006

Inspired by Music.....Inspire Me Thursday! and Studio Friday!

I have many sounds in my studio.....lately the bang, bang of the hammer as I flatten tin.....the ping of the awl as it slices through the layers...the snap of the eyelets being set.......the snip, snip, snip of the tin being cut to shape and the zzzzzzzzz of the file as it wears away the rough edges.
In the morning I love to open the windows and hear the sweet melodies of the birds as they go about their task of finding seeds and splashing in the near by birdbath. I can only have the windows open so long at the present because of the heat and humidity!
Although I work in silence much of the involved that I don't realize how still it really is! But, when the tunes are "pumpin" I love the "Ditty Bops" (who were here this past week and I missed:-(
Their harmony and quick tempo set a happy mood in my little work place! I also love Josh Grobin........different kind of mood completely, but inspiring all the same! Don't laugh now......but Clay Aiken is up there too..........I simply love his sweet voice! I am a BIG AMERICAN IDOL FAN! Well, you have it, these are the sounds filtering from my studio of late:-D) Posted by Picasa

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