Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I know, I know, I know........

still more of those pages........these pages celebrate the twins great grandma who was a wonderful artist and shoe designer for years. St. Louis was the hub of the shoe industry at that time and my mom used to travel back and forth to N.Y. to work within the industry. She was even quoted by Womens Wear Daily........They would have loved her as I did! Also pics of their great granddad who has been dead since I was 25.........so long and yet, it seems like yesterday. He was a professional dancer on stage and a singer with his own radio program! He did so many fun and exciting things there are too many to mention. He did appear in a movie and was personal secretary to the writer Drew Pearson before he married my mom! The kids would have loved him too.......and he would have ADORED THEM! That is just how life is...................
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One Crabapple said...

WEll so we seee now ! you come from a long line of artistic peeps !

Linda, these collages are so wonderful.

I am getting so inspired (as always) and you have your own style.

Am I missing something >? How come everyone does not know about you and your work ?

Do you ever do workshops ? ( I mean teach)