Monday, July 31, 2006

"Tin"-acious Search......

Since it is sooooo hot here (107 degrees on my car thermostat) at 9:00am......I decided to stay cool and go to some antique malls. Not that I didn't have alot of other things I could have been doing.....but the urge to make more tin ornaments has grabbed me and won't let go! You know what I mean? I have a rule, I set a limit on how much I will pay when purchasing at flea markets and malls. I was very lucky today and found many tins in my price range......just a little above nothing:-D) I was lucky enough to find a bunch of bakelite and celulose belt buckles as well......will post another time. I actually found even more tins than this, but passed them up because they went over my daily antiquing limit! As I have mentioned before, I WANT TO RETIRE, and in order to do that I must put some real RESTRICTIONS on myself! Something I am not used to doing........ I think I did rather well all in all. I forgot to mention that I did find a few childrens' book (circa 1930's with wonderful illustrations). These will be made into sheets to be sold on my Etsy and Paper Plate later on. Well, I must get busy cutting tin so I will let you go:-) Posted by Picasa


One Crabapple said...


You hit the Tin MOtherload !

oh happy tin snipping, Lady !

I know what you are doing right now.

lauren said...

Speaking as someone who adores boxes of any kind and has collected them without really realizing I collected them (until one day I counted), it hurts just a little when I hear you will cut them, they are sooooo beautiful.... but the results! The tin work you are doing is just getting better and more beautiful with each piece. I guess it's o.k. to sacrifice them...(This I say as I glue and cut my original vintage photos and cut up gorgeous antique books to shreds...ahem....)

Wonderful work!