Wednesday, July 12, 2006

SHE'S BACK..............................

My baby girl is back from Florida with a beautiful tan! I missed her soooooooo much. Margo has alot of special needs which makes her even more precious to us! She has her own room here at grandma and papa's house along with a wardrobe, toys, her outside playground, pool, bike and a place in our hearts the size of Texas! She will always be my PRECIOUS! Papa missed her so that he took off work early to get home and spend time with her!!!!!
ps. I missed my daughter too, but she has had her time.....many years ago! Posted by Picasa

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Laura said...

How wonderful!!! It is great to see pictures of your lovely granddaughter enjoying her time with grandma and grandpa!! and her own room too! That is cool!!! How fun for you all!