Friday, June 16, 2006

Inspire Me and tell

sweet mommy, sheila. never complains, never gets frazzeled, always loving to her babies......miss organization! Posted by Picasa
this piece was created in an altered book i am making for my new grandsons. look below for other pages. i started with a photo of mom and baby and a pencil drawing on the page of shapes. once the photo (talen with a digital camera and altered with Picasa, was glued onto the page then i painted over sections of the page and photo with acrylics. after collaging other papers onto the page i set it aside to dry. once dry i attacked it fine tip sharpie marker....writing little messages and supplying some design lines. when complete i went back and painted over the edges of the various shapes to blend a little where colors came together. i also spattered just a little. pages were stapled together for strength! the theme for this books has been birth, birds, new life, eggs, babies and beginnings. thus the egg shapes:)

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