Sunday, May 28, 2006

Oh, What a Night.......

we had guests last not just any guests! we were the week-end getaway for our 7 week old twins, Hunter and Chase. this was my one asked, in fact i begged! i have gained a whole new respect for my son and daughter-in-law!!!!!! having had three of my own and having raised them most of the years by myself, i have always felt the younger generation is, shall i say, a bit spoiled, a bit lazy. yes, even my number one son who is a hard worker and quite successful in life.........(i am glad he doesn't read this blog:) anyway, i thought what can be soooooo hard with two when there are two of you to handle it? WELL...........i am hear to tell you...TWINS ARE TOUGH! all i did for the past two days is wash bottles, wash little outfits layden with piss and vinegar (similac), wash hands, wash bottoms, wash binkies...change sheets, diapers, baby clothes, my clothes...... burp, rock, hold, snuggle, kiss, walk, sing and love. not that this wasn't enough, i had to do all of this with little to NO sleep! they have to be fed near the same time so that they stay on schedule, they have to be fed after they have their acid reflux meds. they have to be fed every 3 hrs. not to mention that it takes at least 45 min. to feed them both. they have to be fed with a little cereal mixed in to help their acid reflux (which is difficult because you have to get the cereal into the little neck of the bottle after the formula and water are mixed). once fed they each need to be changed and well burped so they don't throw up what you just managed to get in them:) my hubby and i were up at 2:00 and 3:00 (to replace dropped binky) 4:00 (another binky run) 5:00 to be fed again. it was down hill from there. no one ever went back to sleep again until 2:00 this afternoon! OH MY>>>>>>>>>>>i always wondered why babies were given to the young and inexperienced! well the answer is loud and clear.....old people can't cut the mustard! too much multi-tasking needed! we need our SLEEP in order to maintain a level seratonin (sp?) will be awhile before i beg again.....but i WILL beg again:) Posted by Picasa


Wendy said...

Well done how tiring. I hope mum & dad had a well deserved rest.tfqgtyko

Dawn said...
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Dawn said... I go again..
Just wanted to say that as a mom of twins...who were the last of five..I can identify with the work you talk about. Endless..
I can't tell you what went through my head when people would stop us on the street and say.."Twins? How sweet...I ALWAYS wanted I could dress them up" and on and on and on...
They were a blessing and I loved them to death..but it was WORK.
Notice I said they were the last of five?? Cured me for good! :o)
BTW..Yours are darling and I Love the names..