Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Idol Chatter................

I would love to think of myself as such an intellectual that I would have little use for T.V..............................but...............that is not the case. I am addicted to "reality T.V." and will probably never recover. Season after season I try not to be sucked into the drama but alas, I am weak and a cave! Tonight was the end of many months of American Idol.......and my boy won...........YEA TAYLOR HICKS. He, as well as Katherine, became millionaires tonight although Taylor won the big kalbassa! I make no plans on week nights to make sure I don't miss the latest installment in my reality addiction:) Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, Amazing Race, Apprentice and of course American Idol. I figured that after this week my addiction would be broken, at least for a few months. But NO, NO, NO........they just announced that "So You THink You Can Dance" starts tomorrow night.......wooooooooooo is me! Am I to be glued to the box during the glorious summer evenings? I think it is time for Tivo (or whatever that is called where you can tape anything at anytime). That way I can get my reality fix on the days where it is 95 degrees or more.....or the rain is keeping me inside:) I am embarrassed to admit my evenings are that dull.......but my hubby is right there with me (suffering from the same addiction). Isn't like grand?


juju said...

I like your blog. I've just linked to you. I find I would like an album though of your artwork.

kathywas said...

Aahhh, a girl after my own heart!! You've found your match. I, too, am a reality TV junkie!! I have to admit that I gave up on Survivor this year, but that is because it was opposite the "Great American Inventor" which was new this year and I just had to check out! I also saw the 1st episode of "So you think you can dance". I'll be right there with you watching!! At least you're husband joins in with you. Mine thinks I'm crazy!

You'll have to tune in to "Hell's Kitchen" when it starts in June. I watched it last year and loved it.

Final note...have to admit that I was an Elliott fan. He's from here in Richmond, and I thought that his voice was amazing.