Monday, April 10, 2006

Trouble in Paradise:)

blog was all blogged down again last nite. somehow it takes some of the fun out of this blogging when you are on fire and in the mood to show and tell........and you can't get the "show" part to work:) anyway, it is another day and i will try again. what i wanted to share were a few pics of my new twin grandsons. also, wanted to share a bag i just finished for a friend that is very sick with cancer (some of you have heard me speak of her before). she is a teacher and friend in our building.....very young for such trouble in her life. anyway....i made this bag because she is always in the latest fashion and loves glitter and glam. she is a naturally "funny" person and is forever entertaining us with her stories. you know the kind of person! life of the party....always planning something fun...always laughing:) so......i took the lining to school and everyone wrote their thoughts and prayers for her. once assembled it look really cute. she can now take her books etc. to her chemo treatments in this bag and just look inside to see how much she is loved and missed.

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