Sunday, April 16, 2006


we spent the week-end in K.C. with my youngest, Jeff ,and his wife , Arica. we always have fun being with them. my sister, Sandy and her husband Bus went with us. just a few shots of our adventures. the bird nest and eggs was found in the bar-b-q pit when we went to grill dinner sat. night! we gently moved it to what we thought was a safe corner of the yard. jeff and arica have a boxer, Max......need i say more?
the boys played golf while the three of us went shopping. we hit some wonderful little shops. i got the cutest T for arica at a little shop called "la boehm" (i am sure i butchered the spelling:{). we visited the renovated Union Station and drove around Brook Side where they are thinking of moving. it is a wonderful old neighborhood like Webster or Kirkwood here in St. Louis. many cute restaurants and shops withing walking distance. Kids.....they have already built two new homes in their short marriage (3 yr.) and are ready to move babies yet so they want to try everything before they settle in. i do believe that jeff is searching for the wonderful webster neighborhood where they were raised. the place where everyone knows each other and you can call on a neighbor for grilling, conversation, a stick of butter or an evening out! those neighborhoods are harder to find these days i think.... Posted by Picasa

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Judy Scott said...

Lovely photos and what wonderful colours in them all. poor little eggs though, they're a beautiful blue colour, I would love to have the right kind of light in Scotland to paint a room that colour. What a happy couple they look. Hugs Judy x