Friday, March 03, 2006

what has kept me busy the last couple nites!


i have been making over my kitchen....from blue and white to black and white! i had the blue for 8 yrs. and am tired of it! i had NO idea how long it would take me to replace curtains and now make over the pillow covers. oh well, maybe i won't have to worry about it for another 8 yrs. i am so a.d.d. (some rooms like my bedroom i have done over at least 9 times in the past 8 yrs) i can't stick with anything very long.....tired, bored...whatever! my surroundings are so important to me....i don't mean that i have to have expensive things, but my mood is determined by the feeling i get from my surroundings. lighting makes such a difference to me also. i drive my hubby nuts....he runs around turning off lights after me:-) fireplaces are another thing......with the slightest hint of cool, i have a fire going in both fireplaces! oh my, do i get the looks then! you see, my hubby is very conservative and thrifty.......he doesn't get me at all........but HE LOVES ME ANYWAY!

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JUST ME said...

Your kitchen looks beautifullllllllllllllll.

I need some of those curtains in my curtainless house...

and thanks for posting my little book.......