Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Totally Sense-Less Art.......

due to a lack of time....and wanting badly to take part....i decided to use a portrait i created the other nite and posted. i have photoshop elements and haven't tried all the different effects so i thought i would give it a try. it is amazing to me that you can do soooooo much on this little machine, the computer. wow, think of the possibilities! anyway, although sense-less it is certainly fun.....and i am all about having fun! if you haven't tried the free Google pic manipulater.....try Picasa! it is fabulous and you can do wonderful things with it. just type in Picasa and look for FREE DOWNLOAD button and follow the directions. EASY AND FUN! Posted by Picasa


LuLu said...

It is amazing, the computer, isn't it! If you're not careful though you'll soon find yourself addicted to Photoshop - the possibilities are endless.

I just adore your photographs and hope to see more soon.

And a big thank you for visiting my site and the nice words. They are very much appreciated. I'd like to link to your ste too if that's okay?


carla said...

It's amazing how you can reinvent an image over and over in endless ways...I love the sampling you gave us here:>