Wednesday, March 22, 2006

long...long...long...long day!

blogger is blogged down again and won't upload my pics.......not sure if it is me or Blogger in general! oh well, i can at least write a few words. it has been hectic week......monday nite and tonite we had to stay at school until 8:00pm because the classroom teachers had conferences. to make it fair to all, specialist, like me (art teacher) had to stay also. that makes for two 12 1/2 hour days this week already. we do get compensated at the end of the week with friday off..........but that doesn't help me now when i am so tired i can hardly get my fingers to work on this key board:} i feel like we are children and mom is making sure we each had the same exact amount spent on us for Christmas. couldn't the admin be more creative instead of wasting two evenings of our time with virtually nothing to do but meander around and chat! it seems to me (although it is non of my business) that i could be asked to do something more constructive with my 8 extra hrs. put design programs for the music concerts......or design the cover of the buzz book or even the yearbook! maybe someone could have used some art integration lesson plans to spruce up their social studies units! ANYTHING.....but sitting around! Oh, i guess i could have cleaned my room, but honestly after a full day of kids...i am exhausted and cleaning my room is not top priority. you need to catch me in the morning to get my enthusiasm up over that task! well, i feel better having cleansed by soul of this "woe is me" feeling. thanks for listening....if you were. good night!


Sofia Barao said...

it did the same to me last night, this morning is ok again and I could finally post my pictures.
Have a nice day !

JUST ME said...

I have been having problems toooooo..... I was listening and I agree with you about your job.... What a long two days... So what great plans do you have for your Friday off????


firstborn studio said...

sucky blogger is to we speak i have tried to leave you a message 5 times!