Saturday, February 25, 2006

inspired by heidi's purses.......

i decided to use some of my collection of vintage quilt squares, felted good will sweaters, etc. etc. etc. well i am not sure it was worth the effort it is! Posted by Picasa


JUST ME said...

THIS IS A BEAUTY...........



P.S. I am glad you got the tag and that it made you a smile a little.

I will send your book on Monday trying to decide how to mail it since it's chunky... Maybe a box?

firstborn studio said...

linda,this is a GORGEOUSbeautiful tote!YOU are so dang talented,i love it!

firstborn studio said...

dear linda,
i am sitting here in complete awe,this tote is FABULOUS every single detail and stitch and placement with the utmost care...and it is MINE!
i am honored and humbled to own this creation and will sport it proudly in all of my artful travels!
many thanks and much love,