Sunday, December 18, 2005

That's a Wrap......

Well, all the pkgs are wrapped and in their respective piles. Our family adopted a family for Christmas and Chris and I will be taking a truck load of gifts to them tomorrow. We decided not to give to each other gifts this year.....only the kids. That way we could spend our time and money making some other family have a wonderful Christmas. I guess that is selfish when you really think of it.....because it is so much fun to get things for others that couldn't afford it! Next year we have discussed all of us working on "Habitat for Humanity" house. I think that would be very rewarding as well. This year it is all about Quality Time spent together and wonderful meals together! After a marathon cleaning sesssion, we are able to "gray glove" almost any area of the house. We even got the ladder out and searched for those pesky cobbs. Let the party begin!

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