Friday, December 09, 2005

.....and to all a good night!

well, i finally finished our card ...none to soon I might add! after dropping 74.00 bucks at the local print shop, i headed home with my 25 prints. another 2 hours spent writing on them and folding them, i am almost finished. i don't think i will do this again. simple black/white copied of photos may have to do next year:-) they don't get it....the people that work at these print shops...they just don't get it! i needed the front and back to line up so that folds would fall in all the right places...didn't happen. i needed the color to be bright and true. it may have taken a couple tries, but there was no time for that. it didn't happen. rush, rush, hurry, hurry! they should hire more creative, artistic types for this job. this isn't the first time i ran into this. it happens everytime i want to copy something a little creative. oh, would i love to have my own color copier. maybe someday!

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firstborn studio said...

hi linda!
i LOVE this,it is fabulous...your time and money well spent,this will be treasured forever!
merry Christmas to you & yours,