Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday eve....


A very hectic week has past and I am recovering. So many meetings I can hardly count, none of any significance. I do believe that meetings are from the devil..............a way of waste precious time........a control thing if you will! A fun week-end followed with the fam. We had Margo for the night and Jeff and Arica came in from Kansas City. We never stop when they are there......no time for clean-up or bed making. Just run, run, run! We went to see our condo in City Hospital. Chris and Sheila's is almost finished. Ready to move in by Christmas. Jeff and Arica's and ours are still in the beginning stages. Should be done by next May. I got a little sewing in late Sunday night when things quieted down.

Fall is here and the weather is wonderful. Clean crisp air and the leaves.....oh the leaves! From our deck it is a symphony of color. Any shade of orange and gold you can imagine with a little red thrown into the mix. Just breathtaking! I have been decorating the house for what I am not sure........I guess for us. The mantels are garlanded with spooky characters peering out. I love having the pumpkins lite when I come into the room. A carry over from my youth I suppose. Well, this has been fun, but now it is time to fix a little dinner for the old man and me! I will include a few pics later on............................good night Gracie.

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