Friday, September 30, 2005

What a Day!

I have struggled all day as well as last night. Trying to get my pages done for the "Chunky 4X4 Book" at Red Lead and hanging a show that is opening Sunday afternoon. Oh, did I mention I had to teach school all day as well.......there are not enough hours in the day. My 20 min. drive to school took me one hour due to an accident on 44. I spent my free hour this morning having coffee with a former teacher/friend. She would have been hurt had I not been able to meet her. While waiting for her to arrive at BreadCo. I sat with my husbands "X" (another Linda Harre) and her friend. Kids in my 4th hour acted terrible and irresponsible. I forgot to order a salad for lunch so I was stuck with a carb. stuffed piece of pizza. Those kids from my 4th hour class headed right to the principal after being disciplined in my room. A little chat with the principal took my last 25 min. of plan time for the day. That took the last bit of energy I had today. After school I headed to hang my show at the Monday Club. Arrived and left quickly to take my bag of goodies to Red Lead. Upon returning the show was hung and my car headed right for Schnuck's to purchase a ready made dinner. I AM BUSHED!


Becky said...

Sounds like the day from hell- Who was it that said "Tomorrow is another day" ?

Sharon Wisely said...

Your chunky pages are fab and you are too!

SeeSea said...

Girl, you mean...the smart Scarlette Ohara? :)