Sunday, August 21, 2005

Studio Stuff

This is all new to me so I am creeping along but hope to get the hang of this after a few tries!
I have been a painter all my life as well as teaching. I love to express myself through ART! I am currently making quilts, altered books, collage and acrylic paintings. Art is a rather solitary field where one is constantly in tune with the medium being used. The rewards of seeing your thought process expressed in some tangible form is ever exciting to me. The feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming at times. I am spurred on with the ever present problem solving process.
This painting represents a series of abstract and non-objective paintings done is the past year and one half.

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Artist in Progress said...

Great stuff, Linda, great blog! It's easy, just take your time and it just works. I did it and that was really surprising. Love your painting, 2. Carol M. P.S. I swap with RedLead, too.