Monday, October 15, 2007

We are Back..........

and what a fun time we had.......I will post pics later!

After collecting our mail from the neighbor that took it in for us while we were husband said,"There is a package from Australia!" There was a bundle from my sweet friend, JUDY, at Red Velvet! She is one of those darling people that always has an uplifting word to say about my art or my creations. Even when she is knee deep in her own work and has so many comments to answer.....she always finds time to either drop me a personal note or comment on one of my posts! WELL........she sent me this wonderful package of metal findings:D Along with that was a bundle of wonderful elements I will be using in my collage, journal and assemblage work!!!!! OH MY.........on our vacation I purchased a few items like this, but they are hard to find and rather expensive if you can find them at all. Judy, this gift is so appreciated you will never know. The fact that you would even think about me while basking in the glory of your finished panels.......boggles the mind:D If you have not taken a peek at Judy's 3 panels dedicated to a family in her neighborhood that survived the MUST!!! Her attention to detail is unmatched by any artist I have ever seen......her codes and symbols are more moving than you will ever believe. I consider it such an honor that she has choosen to be my friend......Thank you Judy for all (and I mean ALL) that you have done for me with your support!


eb said...

what a delightful package from a wonderful artist - enjoy!

xox - eb.

Judy said...

As gomer Pile would say,
well gooooooleeeeeee.

It was my pleasure!
Can't wait to see yoour journalpages for the babies with some of those embellishments - hope they work for you.

nelda said...

Welcome back! We missed you! What a wonderful bunch of treasures. Anxious to see what you create with them.

PAT said...

Hello Linda...Welcome home! I can hardly wait to hear about your adventure and see photos!

I'm going to visit Judy, she sounds amazing!

PS: Chili is on the menu for the lake, this coming weekend.

Anonymous said...

I agree will all the ladies. Your a wonderful person and people can see that through your blog. You are blessed.

I am glad your back. I look at your blog daily....I don't drink coffee like other people do so for me it's checking out my favorite blogs in the morning. To get me going at work.

P.S. I have started creating again. I have not posted, but might soon.